How To Care For Sterling Silver Jewelry

Proper Care for silver jewelry, natural and synthetic gemstones

  Cleaning and hygiene tools used daily, as well as household chemicals, contain various substances that act negatively on silver alloys and precious or semiprecious stones.


In order to avoid damaging them, we recommend that you:

  • always remove jewelry when engaging in activities involving exposure to chemicals or heat, such as sports or housekeeping;
  • during various cleaning procedures in the bathroom or shower;
  • remove jewelry when going to the sauna or swimming pool;
  • avoid sudden temperature changes as well as their exposure over a long period of time near light and heat sources.
  • avoid wearing jewelry when you sleep. Because of the movements during sleep, over time, stones or jewelry prong setting can weaken, the chains can break, and the plated parts are affected by sweating and lose their brightness due to direct and prolonged contact with the skin.


  If you have noticed that your jewelry stone has lost its splendor and its former charm, you should undergo a brief cleaning process. Give it a few minutes and wash it in an aqueous solution of ammonium chloride (5-10 drops in a glass of water) or put it in a warm solution of washing powder for a few hours, then rinse and dry it. This way you will restore the glitter of jewels such as topaz, beryl, aquamarine, amethyst, citrine, chrysolite, garnet, tourmaline, and chrysoprase. It is not advisable to use soap solutions such as soap that can form fat films (especially on topaz surfaces).


  A special care requires jewelry with turquoise, coral, pearl, and nacre. They are resistant to scratches, but their surface may change due to their porosity. Oil, salt, creams, foundation, and fragrances can cause some undesirable damage such as greasy stains that can be removed by wiping them with a silk cloth or a very soft cloth.


  The safest and easiest method of jewelry care is to use special jewelry cleaning products: a wide range of means (liquid consistency, foams, napkins) are exclusively available for caring for all kinds of precious stones, as well as gold alloys, platinum, and silver.



  The "Paradis" jewelry store guarantees the free repair of hidden manufacturing flaws (such as fixation of stones or ear tags, as well as inconsistency with purchased jewelry), excluding damages caused by various accidents (dropping or knocking jewels), lack of care, inadequate wearing or non-fulfillment the advice given by our consultants and mentioned in the jewelry care instructions.

  The appearance of scratches and/or the removal of the outer layer of rhodium the removal of the gold coating on the silver items on the jewelry surface is not considered a defect or manufacturing defect. Repairs of jewelry in the event of defects in manufacturing will be free of charge under warranty. For faults occurring in the cases listed above, repairs will be made based on a supplementary tariff.