Our Story

At Paradis Love we are introducing the first silver jewelry collections with both natural gems and Swarowski crystals. These spectacular pieces are designed in Switzerland and manufactured in Europe by Sokolov. Sokolov is famous for crafting one-of-a-kind, high-end jewelry pieces that help you to express your individuality, and personal style.

 "We create timeless pieces that steal the show!"

     Vlad Vedrasco - Founder Paradis Love


 We help women of all ages reveal their personal style and accent their inner beauty. Everyone is beautiful and with the right accessories, every woman can be stunning. Our pieces help women show the world how exquisite they truly are.

 Why Jewelry?

Jewelry is a universal way to tell a woman that you cherish her and value her. We all have many women in our life whom we need to remind how special they are to us. The women in our lives, such as your mother, grandmother, wife, sweetheart, best friend, daughter, and more. For each of those women, Paradis Love has worked diligently to create a unique piece that will tell your loved one how much you really care. We strive to create unique and dazzling collections that will allow you to speak the language of love and endearment to the people you care the most about.

 Why Paradis Love?

 At Paradis Love we know that when you buy one of our magnificent pieces you are buying something that will be treasured and passed down through generations. That is why we use silver foundations for our rings, earrings, bracelets, charms, and pendants. We choose the highest quality Swarovski crystals, natural gems, and cubic zirconia to adorn our collections, and we are partnered with no other than Sokolov who manufacturers exquisite items that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Whenever you feel the yearning in your heart to show someone you love how you feel, or how grateful you are to them, we want you to remember that Paradis Love is here to help you choose the perfect gift.