Jewellry Tips and Tricks to Help you Find the Items that Match Your Personality

  Every person has a unique personality, our personalities are what make us different from each other, and interesting to each other. You have likely heard the old adage that “opposites attract”, well that statement is referring to personality opposites.

  Your personality defines who you are and what you like. The jewelry that you wear should let your personality shine. So how do you choose the perfect jewelry according to your personality?

  If you are a bold person who does not mind being the center of attention then choose modern jewelry with bold designs or handcrafted jewelry that is unique. A bold personality can be accentuated with earrings, but sterling silver dangle earrings are more eye-catching than simple silver studs, so the bold personality will choose the longer and bolder earrings.

  If you are an outdoorsy type of person who likes to exercise, run, play sports, and do other outdoor recreations you will want to choose minimalistic jewelry pieces. The outdoorsy type of person will buy earrings like silver studs that are less likely to get caught in their clothing while they are being active.

The more timid personalities, the quiet and shy individuals will usually choose silver jewelry like a sterling silver locket, or a simple silver ring. People who are a little shy want pretty things that compliment their outfits rather than bold pieces that make their own fashion statement.

  A sliver chain bracelet or crystal bracelets are often chosen by women who are a little more reserved.

Women who are young at heart will let their personality shine by wearing silver charm bracelets that have intricate charms showing what their favorite things are. The young at heart will also stack silver bracelets with bangle bracelets and create fun looking pieces. Enamel jewelry is bright and colorful and perfect for the young at heart.

The demure woman who is mature, quiet, and has it all together will choose crystal bracelets, silver pendants, crystal drop earrings, and small silver hoop earrings. The items the demure woman chooses will be capable of being paired with several of their outfits. The demure woman would prefer to have a few quality items that have a drawer filled with flashier things.

There are some women who are pure romantics. The romantic woman will love silver heart pendants and heart-shaped lockets. The romantics will also like charm bracelets because a charm can be added for each memorable event in their life.

Some people have combination personalities, like a romance that is demure. Some people have not yet determined which personality trait they want to accent. That is okay. When you are selecting jewelry to represent your personality and the fire that drives you to remember that your collection will slowly grow over time. There will be pieces that you buy that after some time you decide simply do not reflect what you wanted them to.

You will grow your unique personality inspired jewelry collection over the course of a lifetime. I suggest that when you are looking at jewelry the first piece of jewelry that catches your eye, or that you want to pick up, is a piece of jewelry that is designed for your personality. Do not second guess yourself.