Holiday Gift Guide 2018 – Everything You Need to Shine this Holiday Season

It is that time of year when our minds turn to show our loved ones how much they mean to us through gifts and gestures. That magical season that brings out the festive side of everyone is here and Paradis Love has a spectacular collection of things that sparkle and shine to help make your holiday brighter.

Make this holiday season one of the brightest you have ever had by adding a little something that shimmers and shines from our holiday collection.

Your little black dress will be the hit of the party when you accessorize your ensemble with the perfect silver jewelry. Silver chains, sterling silver earrings, and silver bracelets will enhance the beauty of any outfit.

A Necklace or Pendant for Every Occasion

The perfect pendant can take your ensemble from office casual to party brilliant in moments.

A sterling silver heart pendant is the perfect accessory for both the young and the young at heart. At Paradis Love, we offer a stunning array of pendant necklaces that are heart inspired. One of the holiday favorites is our 925 silver necklace series.

If you are choosing a holiday gift remember that you can never go wrong when you give her your heart.

The following tips on pendants and necklaces should help you to choose the perfect adornment for the woman or girl on your shopping list.

  • The young mothers and mothers to be will all be touched by the 925 silver necklace heart pendants that depict mother and child. You can buy these for your mother, the mother of your children, or simply a friend or family member who is a mother.
  • We also offer a silver charm necklace that depicts a tiny pair of baby feet. These baby feet encircled by a heart will touch the heart of every mommy and mommy to be on your holiday list. This pendant design also touches the heartstrings of the mothers of angels.
  • A sterling silver locket gives a woman a keepsake where she can keep a photo of someone dear to her heart, next to her heart. Women of all ages and teen girls will appreciate lockets.
  • Our love locket pendant with 1/8 carat diamond is perfect for the woman you love. It symbolizes how deeply you care for her, and it will create a lasting memory. When choosing a necklace for the lady you love you should consider what emotions the gift will create in her heart.
  • A pearl pendant goes perfectly with everything she might want to wear. Many people wait until a girl is at least 16 before they gift her with her first set of pearls, and most women own several pearl pieces.

If you are a woman choosing a silver necklace or pendant to accentuate your holiday attire, then consider the following things about necklaces, chains, and pendants.

  • A necklace that is made from large beads, or one that has a large pendant, shows that you are secure in your taste, and these necklaces can be worn to minimize the size of your bust. Larger necklaces make your bust appear to be smaller.
  • When you wear a long pendant you draw attention to your mid-section and way from your neck and bust line.
  • A simple silver chain can accentuate an ensemble while a large silver pendant is the center of attention. The size of the necklace you choose will determine if the necklace is seen first, or if the outfit is noticed first.
  • Necklaces with bold colors or necklaces with large pendants tell everyone that you are an outgoing and daring personality.
  • Necklaces that sparkle are better suited for dressier occasions.
  • You can partner more than one necklace to create a unique style.

The length of the chain will determine where on the body a necklace or pendant sits. The size of the woman wearing the necklace will also be a determining factor in what length of chain you should select. 

Earrings to Fall in Love with

Earrings help to highlight the natural sparkle in a beautiful woman’s eyes. The perfect silver earrings can also create that sparkle in a woman’s eyes when she sees them.

Paradis Love has a unique collection of real silver earrings that are perfect for every woman in your life. To help you choose the perfect silver earrings to remember the following tip:

  • Sterling silver earrings are great if the woman has allergies to gold, rose gold, and other metals... If you are not sure whether or not the woman you are shopping for has metal allergies then the sterling silver jewelry is the safe choice
  • All women, no matter what their age, can wear silver stud earrings. The term stud describes the fact that the earring does not dangle below the earlobe. You can buy earrings that are studs and they can have beautiful crystal Zirconia, and red or blue Zwavarski stones, or even cute designs like hearts, anchors, and more.
  • Big earrings and silver dangle earrings are usually not given to girls under the age of 14 or women over the age of 75.
  • Silver hoops, as well as all other hoop earrings, are generally not worn by children under the age of 8. We do offer small silver hoop earrings that can be worn by younger girls and older women as well. The small silver hoops earrings are safe for all ages.
  • You can find quality earrings that are real silver earrings, at affordable prices

Rings, Rings, and More Rings

We all know that women love rings. They especially love rings that are given to them by someone they love. When a woman dresses to go out for an evening she will always select the rings that she cherishes the most, and those will always be rings that bring a fond memory to her heart.

When buying rings the only thing you need to know is her ring size, because women of all ages wear rings of all shapes and sizes. The Paradis Love holiday collection of rings includes simple silver rings and elaborate handmade rings that are one of a kind pieces.

Rings can be worn on all fingers and no thumbs. A lady does not need to limit the number of rings she owns simply because she only has eight fingers and 2 thumbs. When it comes to rings the more she has the happier she will be.

This holiday gives her something that sparkles, something that shines, and something to remember. Select a beautiful ring to grace her beautiful fingers with.


Bracelets are timeless pieces of jewelry that add style and draw attention to a woman’s delicate wrist. Bangle bracelets are a finishing touch to an outfit. You can wear several bracelets on the same wrist at the same time. It is okay to wear silver bracelets, along with bangle bracelets, and bracelets made of other materials. Stacking bracelets in this manner let you create your own individual style and fashion statement.

Crystal bracelets add allure and silhouette the delicate shape of the wrist. While a silver heart bracelet draws attention to wrist but the dangling heart adds a creative touch.

Charm bracelets for women create a gift that you can add to each year by simply purchasing a different charm. The charm bracelet tells the story of the woman wearing it with the miniature depictions of things she loves and loves to do.

Charm bracelets are also wonderful modern jewelry pieces for teens. The charms that the girls wear on their bracelets lets everyone know where the interest of the girl lies.

Jewelry Gift Sets

Jewelry gift sets are the perfect way to give a lady necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets that compliment each other. Women can wear any portion of the jewelry with or without the other pieces of jewelry that came in the set. They can also mix and match jewelry gift set pieces to create their own combinations according to their style and personality.

Stone jewelry is often used to create the matching gift sets because each piece will have similar stone settings. You will also find a large selection of Topaz jewelry, enamel jewelry, and other fashion stones and materials. These handcrafted jewelry gift sets can be one of a kind collections that she will not find in any store.

Affordable Gifts Under $20

Everyone, no matter what their budget, will be able to find silver jewelry, and delightful pieces of designer jewelry at a price they can afford. Many of our items are priced below $20. Our lower than $20 selections are not cheap jewelry that is of a lesser quality. These items are affordable, yet they are reliable, high-quality pieces that any woman would be honored to add to her collection.

Jewelry pieces that cost less than $20 are often the best choices for younger girls. The lesser priced items will be attractive and yet if the child were to lose the item there will not be a great financial loss. You can teach responsibility and proper care of their jewelry to younger girls without making large financial commitments.

Our Holiday Specials

We all know that green and red are colors that are embedded in everything Christmas. You can add to your holiday style by adding modern jewelry pieces that are holiday themed. You can buy items that are designed just for a specific holiday, or items that have the perfect color combination to be worn with holiday wear, and then can be worn the rest of the year as well.

Sweetheart Deals

Our beautiful silver diamond necklace and silver pendants with red hearts, and personalized engraving are designed with the sweethearts in mind. Valentine’s Day is considered the day for lovers, but Christmas is the perfect time to shower the woman you love with precious handmade jewelry that she will cherish forever.